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Plant Magic

Plant Magic

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Welcome My planty friends. 

Plant Magic's fast-acting, all-purpose Soluble Plant Food is packed with every essential macro and micro nutrient, plus over 55 trace minerals, and millions of Beneficial MicroOrganisms® scientifically proven to help plants grow their best.


With Essential Elements For Optimal Plant Growth For All Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Trees, Shrubs, Container,s and House Plants


Rooting and promoting growth, regulating acid and inhibiting alkali, toning and sweetening, resisting stress and water retention, improving soil and carbon fixation, improving quality and increasing yield

 It's safe for your children, your pets, and your planet!🧒🏻🐕🌎

Our packaging may look small to you, but it packs a powerful punch🥊 One of our bags of Fast-Acting Soluble Plant Food is good for 32+ GALLONS👀

All you have to do is combine it with water, and add to your plants, soil, seeds, or more!

Here's 5️⃣ things that happen to your plants after using our  Plant Magic✨

★Boosts Soil Fertility & Structure

★Supports Lush Plant Growth

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

★Enhances Moisture Retention

★ Encourages Beneficial Microbes

Empoweryourself and your plants...

Build strong healthy living soil that increases the availability of air, water and nutrients — And the ability of your plants to use them.

This is the truly organic way you can trust to grow spectacular plants with ease — Feel confident knowing your plants will be vibrant, full of vigor and vitality...

Make your soil alive with Organic Plant Magic and find out what your plants can really do!

Extreme Happiness Guaranteed ❤️

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