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🎈Onion needle🔥

🎈Onion needle🔥

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It prevents you from cutting your fingers while cooking!🍆🥒🥕

10 prongs are made from hardened stainless steel to ensure they always stay ultra sharp. 100% BPA-free, durable, food-grade reinforced ABS.

🎊Onion slicer🎊

This handy gadget not only keeps the onion for you (no smelly hands) but also guides your knife for perfect even slices. If you don't want to touch an onion, this gadget will be a great solution.


Durable Material: Onion holder is made of food grade stainless steel and PP, which features the features of rust, stain and corrosion resistance. 

Smart Design: The simple but smart design of the holder allows users to cut with precision while avoiding food contact

Anti-slip handle:Ergonomic handle of the onion holder allows for strong gripping leverage while reducing fatigue.

Odor To Remove Soap: Wash hands with the stainless steel soap in running water for 30 seconds to a minute to remove unwanted odors.

Ideal for the inexperienced: the onion holder's stainless steel prongs hold the onion in place for injury-free, precision chopping.

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